Computer components


1. Address category
1.1. Name of the specialty and qualification 1304000 « Computer systems and software»
1.2. Course, group 17 VTZ-4,5,6
1.3. The name of the module / discipline in the section Computer hardware
PM1. Compliance with labor laws and occupational safety requirements
1.4. The theme of the lesson Computer components
1.5. Organizational form of the lesson Group work, independent study
1.6. The knowledge and skills of students necessary to carry out activities on the module/topic – Identify the parts of a computer.
– Choose computers for different settings.
– Set up a computer
1.7. Opportunities of the training session integration of professional skills and employment skills – communication skills;
– the ability to perceive information;
– the ability to apply information in practice.
2. Aim of the lesson
2.1. To promote the development of the following job opportunities and job search, which students will learn in this lesson – listening skills;
– ability to communicate with partners;
– listen to the opinions of others.
2.2. Training of professional skills, which are learned by students in the process of training – the ability to organize the workplace correctly;
– ability to work with literature;
– ability to work in a team;
– to think logically.
3. Learning outcome
3.1. By the end of the lesson, students should know and be able to: – Identify the parts of a computer.
– Choose computers for different settings.
– Set up a computer
3.2. Quality criteria Describe the major hardware components of a computer.
Compare and contrast computer features.
Set up a computer.
Identify basic rules for proper operation of a computer.
Apply basic troubleshooting steps for solving common problems.
4. Planning phase
4.1. Educational-methodical support, reference literature Гук М. Аппаратные средства ЭВМ ПК, 14-21 бет
4.2. Technical equipment, materials – interactive whiteboard;
– computer
4.3. Description of the sequence of actions of students – Describe the major hardware components of a computer.
– Compare and contrast computer features.
– Set up a computer.
– Identify basic rules for proper operation of a computer.
– Apply basic troubleshooting steps for solving common problems.
4.4. The role of the teacher – an explanation of the terms and the order of their application.
– to provide the students with a basic understanding of the types of computer
5. Implementation of the plan
5.1. Description of the plan of activities, the content of the activities of the teacher and students (table) Table “Content and organization of interaction between the teacher and students”
6. Assessment
6.1. Assessment of the quality of completed tasks Determination of the degree of assimilation of new concepts and terms.

Teacher ______________ Mukushova G.K.
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Content and organization of interaction between the teacher and students

№ The main stages of the lesson Types and sequence of actions Activities of students Joint activities of the teacher and students Activity of the teacher
individual group intergroup consultation instruction control
1. Orientation and planning stage Theme and purpose of the lesson Х Х Х
2. Stage of work performance Preparation of the workplace Х Х
Preparation of materials Х Х
Technological process: shorthand dictation, work with a summary,
interactive whiteboard work






3. Stage of evaluation and analysis of final and intermediate results Evaluation of work on the quality criteria:
Define the term



The theme of course №1. Understanding the general characteristics and value of the devices of electronic computing. Controlling internal and external devices
The theme of the lesson №4. Computer components

І. Organization moment
 Who is on duty today?
 What date is it today?
 What day is it today?
 Who is absent today?
 Are you ready for this lesson? That’s great! Let’s start our lesson!

ІІ. Checking home task (systematization of knowledge)

Task 1. Take the loupe and drag it over the pictures. What picture’s name is incorrect?

Task 2. Name famous programmers.

Task 3. Make words from letters

Task 4. Answer questions.

III. Presentation stage

New words
1. Case корпус корпус |keɪs|
2. To store сақтау хранить, сохранять |stɔː|
3. Desktop үстел үсті настольный |ˈdɛsktɒp|
4. To attach байланыстыру прикреплять, присоединять |əˈtatʃ|
5. Motherboard аналық тақша материнская плата |ˈmʌðəbɔːd|
6. CPU орталық процессор центральный процессор, цп |siːpiːˈjuː|
7. Random-access memory(RAM) оперативті есте сақтау құрылғысы запоминающее устройство с произвольным порядком выборки; оперативное зу
8. Circuit схема схема |ˈsəːkɪt|
9. Board тақта доска |bɔːd|
10. Internal ішкі внутренний |ɪnˈtəːn(ə)l|
11. External сыртқы наружный, внешний |ɪkˈstəːn(ə)l|
12. Fan желдеткіш вентилятор |fæn|
13. Cooling суыту охлаждение |ˈkuːlɪŋ|
14. Purpose мақсат цель |ˈpəːpəs|
15. Computer memory компьютер жады память компьютера |kəmˈpjuːtəˈmɛm(ə)ri|
16. Capability мүмкіндік способность |keɪpəˈbɪlɪti|
17. Power supply қоректендіру блогы блок питания |ˈpaʊəsəˈplʌɪ|

Computer Case is the piece of hardware that contains most of the components of a computer.
•Where all of the components are stored.
•Two types of casing:

Motherboard – the large circuit board in the middle of the case which houses the main components of the computer.
•The main circuit board of the computer.
•All key internal and external components of the computer plug into the Motherboard.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)
•The CPU, or the Central Processing Unit, is the brain of the computer and the single most important chip in the computer.
•The CPU performs the system’s calculating and processing.
•Any fan inside a computer case used for cooling purposes.
Computer Memory
•Also known as Random Access Memory (RAM)
•Computer memoryis used to store information in electronic devices.
Video card
•A board that plugs into a personal computer to give it display capabilities.
•The display capabilities of a computer, however, depend on both the logical circuitry (provided in the video adapter) and the display monitor.
Sound card
•A circuit board that plugs into your Motherboard that adds audio capability to your computer, providing high quality stereo output to the speakers.
Power Supply
•Used to sends power to all of the other hardware so they can operate.
•Two types of power supply:
–AT (Advanced Technology)
–ATX (Advanced Technology Extended)
Hard disk
•It used to store computer data and program.
•It can hold more data and are faster than floppy disks.
Optical Disc Drive
•An optical storage technology that stores and plays back data.
•Some drives can only read from discs, but recent drives are commonly both readersand recorders.

Task for fixing the studied material. Solve the crossword.


Listening task: Watch the video and answer the questions:
1. Witch components are the major components of the computer?
– the graphics card
– the power supply
– the hard drive
– the optical drive
2. Witch component is also known as CD or DVD drive?
– the optical drive
3. What is the hardware?
– hardware is the physical components
4. What is the software?
– Software is the programs and systems
5. What for is used RAM?
– RAM is used to store files being used by CPU

V. Conclusion
Answer the following questions:
1. What is the computer case?
2. What is their function?
 Motherboard
 Central Processing Unit (CPU)
 CPU Fan
 Computer Memory
 Video card
 Sound card
 Power Supply
 Hard disk
 Optical Disc Drive

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